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What is the approximate age of the universe? 13.7 Billion years old
What was formed 3 minutes after the big bang? Hydrogen fused into Helium three minutes after the big bang.
What happens to atoms during fusion? During Fusion atoms smash together.
What type of waves can we still detect in the universe? We can still detect microwaves as evidence of cosmic background radiation.
After the big bang, when did stars and galaxies begin to form? Stars and galaxies begin to form 300 million years after the big bang.
What is the universe always doing? The universe is always expanding.
What is the most abundant element in the universe? Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.
what are the remaining waves from the big bang called? The remaining waves from the big bang are called background radiation.
What color will space objects appear as they move further away from you? Red
What is the law explaining that the universe is always expanding? Hubble's Law
According to the Doppler Effect, what type of wavelength will things moving farther away from have? longer wavelength
What is the name for the distance from a star where liquid water can exist on a planet? The distance from a star to where liquid water can be found is known as the habitable zone.
What is Einstein's Theory of Relativity? E=mc2.
How many astronomical unit wide is our solar system? 80 astronomical unit across.
What measurement do we use to measure distance OUTSIDE the solar system Light Year
What is used to measure objects in our own solar system. It is measured as the distance between the sun and the earth…approximately 93,000,000 mi. Astronomical Unit
What is 200,000 light years wide? Universe
Why is hydrogen significant? It is the most abundant element and the simplest element and did not need strong Nuclear force to hold it's nucleus together.
What is one light year? 6 trillion miles

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