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Cell Part and Function

Term Definition
cell membrane Protects the inside of a cell from the environment outside of a cell.
cell wall Protects a cell from attack by viruses and other harmful organisms.
flagella That whip back and forth and move a cell.
cilia They can move a cell or move molecules away from a cell.
cytoplasm Contain a cell’s cytoskeleton.
cytoskeleton This framework gives a cell its shape and helps it move.
nucleus DNA is organized into structure called chromosomes.
nucleolus It makes ribosomes, organelles that are involved in the production of proteins.
ribosome They also can be attached to a weblike organelle called the endoplasmic reticulum.
rough endoplasmic reticulum Rough ER is the site of proteins production.
smooth endoplasmic reticulum It makes lipids such as cholesterol. It is important because it helps remove harmful substances from a cell.
mitochondria Energy is released during chemical reactions that occur in the mitochondria.
chloroplast The sugar contains stored chemical energy that can be released when a cell needs it.
golgi apparatus It package the proteins into tiny, membrane-bound, ball-like structures.
vesicles Transport substances from one area of a cell to another area of a cell.
lysosome Contain substances that help break down and recycle cellular components.
vacuoles Organelles that store food, water, and waste material.

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