Term Definition
phloem vascular tissue that transports food
xylem vascular tissue that transports water and minerals
pollen tiny structures that contains a sperm for a plant
seed a structure that is containing a young plant inside a protective covering
embryo a young plant that developed from a zygote
cotyledons seed leaves that store food for the embryo
germination when the embryo inside the seed begins to develop into a new plant
root cap a structure that protects the tip of the root as it grows through the soil
cambium cells that divide to produce xylem and phloem
stomata small opening on the surface of leaves that allow gases in and out
transpiration a process where water is lost through the leaves of the plant
gymnosperms is a seed plant that produces naked seeds
cone are covered with scales
ovule is a structure that contains an egg cell
pollination a male reproductive structure to a female reproductive structure
angiosperm a group of seed plants knows as an angiosperm
flower is the reproductive structure of an angiosperm
sepal protect the developing flower and are often green in color
petal generally the most colorful parts of a flower
stamen are male reproductive parts
pistil the female parts are found in the center of most flowers
ovary the hollow structure which protects the seeds as they develop
fruit a ripened ovary and other structures that enclose one or more seeds
monocot are angiosperms that have only 1 seed leaf
dicot produces seeds with 2 seed leaves

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