Flash Cards

Examples of the steps of the scientific method.

Term Definition
Problem/Question What do you think will happen if you put chalk into a cup of vinegar?
Pre-observation/research chalk – white, solid, cylinder
vinegar – clear, liquid, strong odor
Hypothesis I predict that when the chalk is put into the vinegar there will be an explosion!
Experiment Materials, Procedure, Observations
Materials Cup, 1/2 piece of white dustless chalk, 60 mL of white vinegar
Procedure 1.Make sure you have all needed materials. 2. place the chalk into the cup of vinegar. 3. Write down what you see, hear, and smell. 4.Draw and label what you see happening.
Observations I heard a sound like a cup of soda bubbling. I saw bubbles coming from the chalk and the vinegar turned cloudy. I smelled a strong smell like salad dressing.
Conclusion My observation was not completely right or wrong. The vinegar reacted with some bubbling, but it did not explode like I thought.

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