Flash Cards

Ms. Camponeschi 8-Orange PPMS

Term Definition
Skeletal supports the body, protects it, and works with muscles to allow movement; makes blood cells and stores materials
Muscular enables the body to move; moves food through the digestive system; keeps the heart beating
Digestive takes food into the body, breaks food down, and absorbs the digested materials
Endocrine controls many body processes- such as intake of sugar by cells by means of chemicals
Excretory removes wastes
Immune fights disease
Nervous detects and interprets information from the environment outside the body, and from within the body; controls most body functions
Reproductive produces sex cells that can unite with other sex cells to create offspring; controls male and female characteristics
Respiratory takes oxygen into the body and eliminates carbon dioxide
Skin protects the body, keeps water inside the body, and helps regulate body temperature
Circulatory carries needed materials to the body cells; carries wastes away from body cells; helps fight disease

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