Flash Cards

Ch1 Defintions

Term Definition
Avian Pertaining to poultry and/or fowl
Barrow A castrated male hog
Biometry The application of statistics to topics in biology
Boar An intact male hog. Boars are kept only for breeding purposes. Boar meat has a characteristic unpleasant taste.
Broiler A chicken of either sex produced and used for meat purposes. Generally slaughtered at 6 weeks of age or younger. The term fryer is often used interchangeably.
Buck Term used for both an intact male rabbit and an intact male goat
Chick A young chicken or gamebird of either sex from 1 day old to about 5 to 6 weeks of age
Colt A young male horse
Doe A female goat ; a female rabbit
Domestic Animals Species brought under human control and adapted to life with humans aka tamed.
Equine pertaining to horses
Ewe a female sheep
Filly A young female horse
Foal A newborn horse of either sex sometimes used up to the time of weaning after which colt and filly are most likely used.
Gelding A castrated male horse.
Gilt Any female pig that has not yet given birth. sometimes producers continue to use the term after the first litter is born and call a first-litter sow a first-litter gilt
Hen A mature female chicken or turkey
Husbandry The combined animal care and management practices
Lamb A sheep under 1 year of age. Also, the meat from a sheep under 1 year of age.
Layer A hen in the physiological state of producing eggs regulary
Mare A mature female horse
Meat The flesh of an animal used for food
Per capita Per unit population
Pork The meat from a hog. In many parts of the world, the term pig meat is preferred.
Rooster A mature, male chicken, Also referred to as a cock
Sow Female pig that gas given birth
Stallion A mature, male horse that is not castrated. Castrated male horses are geldings.
Tom A male turkey. Also called a gobbler.
Beef The meat from cattle other than calves (that is called veal)
Bovine Refers to cattle
Bull Intact male bovine
Calf A young bovine animal under one year of age
Caprine Refers to goats
Cow A sexually mature female bovine animal, one that has produced a calf
Cwt abbreviation for hundred weight (100 pounds)
Heifer young female bovine before having her first calf
mutton meat from a sheep one year of age or older
Ovine refers to sheep
Porcine Refers to swine
Steer A castrated male bovine animal

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