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Chapter 7 Mutations and biotechnology

Question Answer
A mutation that causes death of the organism Lethal Mutation
What type of mutation does not affect the offspring? Somatic Mutation
Downs Syndrome is caused by ? One too many chromosomes
Inbreeding is to breeds as crossbreeding is to Hybrids
When a person selects and mates a dog from different breeds that have the characteristics whey want in the new breed, Crossbreeding
Which one of these does not belong with the others: Embryo splitting, asexual reproduction, identical twins and hybrid. Hybrid the other three have to do with cloning.
Splitting frogs and cattle embryos are a step in what process? Cloning
Fraternal twins have the same Parents
The process of genetic engineering can be used for good or evil
What is the Human Genome Project? A scientific effort to map all human genes
Any change in an organism's genetic materail Mutation
A mutation that changes the sequence of bases in a gene Gene Mutation
If a person has the gene but not the disease Carrier
A mutation that occurs in a gamete or gamete forming cell. gern mutation
A mutation in a cell that does not produce gametes somatic mutation
a change involving the number of genes or the arrangement of genes on a chromosome. Chromosomal Change
having two sets of chromosomes diploid
characteristics referring to the number of sets of chromosomes in a cell. ploidy
Twins that develop from a single zygote Identical twins
Who in the Bible used selective breeding Jacob
Cloning is what form of reproduction asexual
Caused by a mutation that affects pigments albinism
the choosing of organisms that are purebred for a desired characteristic breed
the mating of an organism with a close relative inbreeding
another name for hybridization genome
the condition in which an offspring is stronger than its parent Hybrid vigor
the use of special techniques to control the genetic makeup of an organism genetic engineering
a group of genetically identical organisms produced by asexual reproduction. Clones
the result of a pregnancy in which two sperm unite with two different eggs and form genetically unique organisms Fraternal twins
a complete set of an organism's genes Genome
Mutations can happen at anytime
Mutations are considered harmful
Sometimes mutations do not appear to affect the organisms
what attempts to preserve the special characteristics of a breed Inbreeding
Man has used what kind of principles without understanding how they work. Genetic principles
Livestock breeders need to go where in order to learn how to breed. college
Which cell is most likely to be differentiated? Human skin cell
Fraternal twins have the same? Parents
List some recessive genetic disorders albinism, cystic fibrosis, and hemophilia
How do Scientist use genetic engineering in diabetes? they place the genes for insulin in bacteria and collect the insulin produced.
Stem cells can become Many type of cells
What is genome a complete set of an organism's genes
A change in the sequence of bases that make up the gene gene mutation
the use of genetic engineering to correct defective genes is called Gene therapy
Why does a farmer clone his crops? it has desirable traits that he wants to maintain.
Doe Genetic engineering hold the answer to all human problems? No, because our sin nature is still a part of use and no genetic engineering will change that.
Explain the difference between a somatic stem cell and a embryonic stem cell One uses tissue from humans and doesn't take a life the other takes the life of an unborn baby.

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