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Scientific Method study guide

Term Definition
Qualitative Data that is observed, but can't be measured
Quantitative Data that can be measured and written down with numbers
Independent variable The variable that stands alone and isn't changed by the other variables
Dependent variable The variable that depends on other factors
Control variables The items that are not changed, they stay the same throughout the experiment
Inference A conclusion based on evidence and reasoning
Hypothesis Proposed explanation made on the basis of limited information, this is used as a starting point for further investigation
Conclusion Is written based on the data and observations that have been recorded
Observation The process of gaining information by watching what is happening
Scientific method The way we seek to gain new knowledge or to explain natural occurrences
(Time Spent Studying) causes a change in (Test Score) and it isn't possible that (Test Score) could cause a change in (Time Spent Studying).

Which is dependent variable and independent variable

Time spent studying is the independent variable
The test score is the dependent variable
Step one scientific method? Problem
Step two scientific method Hypothesis
Step three scientific method Experiment
Step four scientific method Observations
step five scientific method Conclusion

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