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Science 8.4 vocabulary

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plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed by a protective fruit gymnospeprm
reproductive structure of a gymnosperm cone
structure that contians an egg cell ovule
transfer of pollen from male structure to female structures in plants pollination
flowering plant that produces seeds enclosed in a protecive structure angiosperm
reproductive structure of an angiosperm flower
leaflike structure that encloses the bud of a flower sepal
colorful, leaflike structure of some flowers petal
male reproductive part of a flower stamen
female reproductive part of a flower pistil
flower structure that encloses and protects ovules and seeds as they develop ovary
ripened ovary and other structures of an angiosperm that encloses 1 or more seeds fruit
angiosperm with 1 seed leaf monocot
angiosperm with 2 seed leaves dicot

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