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8th Grade Brandt Unit 2 Measurement

Question Answer
What is a balance used for? Measuring mass
What is a graduated cylinder used for? Measuring the volume of a liquid
What is a beaker used for? It is NOT for measuring. It just holds chemicals.
Define Mass. Mass is the amount of matter in something.
Define Volume. Volume is the amount of space something takes up.
Define length. Length is the distance between 2 points.
Define Temperature. Temperature is how hot or cold something is because of the movement (kinetic energy) of its particles.
Define Time Time is the interval between 2 events happening
What is the SI unit and measuring device for length? meter, metric ruler or meterstick
What is the SI unit and measuring device for volume of a liquid? L or mL, graduated cylinder
What is the SI unit and measuring device for mass? g or kg, balance
What is the SI unit and measuring device for Temperature? Degrees Celsius or Kelvin, thermometer
What is the SI unit and measuring device for time? Second, stopwatch
Name the metric units from smallest to largest milli, centi, deci, (base), deka, hecto, kilo
Which metric prefix means 10 deka-
Which metric prefix means 1/10 deci
Which metric prefix means 1000 kilo-
Which metric prefix means 1/1000 milli-
Convert 18 mm to cm 1.8 cm
Convert 52 g to mg 52,000 mg
Convert 1600 m to km 1.6 km.
Convert 2.3 L to dL 23 dL
Convert 120 lbs to kg (Honors only) 54.5 kg
If a sample of pumice has a mass of 225 g and takes up 236.6 mL, what is the samples density 0.95 g/mL
Define density Density is the mass per unit volume of a substance.
What is the SI unit for density? g/mL or g/cm3
Measurements in science always have a ___ and a ___. number and a unit or label (example: 5 g)
Describe the correct way to measure the volume of a liquid in a graduated cylinder. First you must get down on eye level and read to the bottom of the meniscus. They you must also make a "guess between the lines" which is one more decimal place than the device's lines read.
What is a measurement standard? It is a quantity that people agree to use for measurements like the size of a meter or kg?
What is the SI system? It is the agreed upon world wide measurement system based on powers of 10. It is commonly called the metric system
What are the base units in the SI system? Meter (length), kilogram (mass), second (time), Kelvin (temperature; we use Celsius in lab), ampere (electric current), candela (light), and mole (amount of a substance)

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