Flash Cards

For the Science Safety Quiz.

Situation Action
Fire 1.Pull fire alarm.
2.Put out if possible. Do not attempt alone.
Fire (Person) 1.Stop, drop, and roll in a fire blanket.
2.Treat for burns.
Burns (1st Degree) and Scalds 1.Immerse in cold water. If not possible apply towels or cloth soaked in clean, cold water and change frequently.
2.DO NOT apply ointments or dressings.
3.DO NOT remove clothing if stuck to the burned area.
4.Get medical attention.
Chemical Spill (Floor or Table) 1.Neutralize if necessary:
baking soda for acids
vinegar for bases
2.Wear gloves, wipe with paper towels and dispose in garbage.
Chemical Spill (Skin) 1.Remove clothing and jewelry form affected areas. Use caution when pulling clothes over head.
2.DO NOT neutralize chemical on skin.
3.Rinse with cold water for at least 15 minutes.
4.Wash affected area with soap and water.
Chemical Spills (Eyes)

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