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Elements, Compounds, And Mixtures

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What Is The Difference Between An Element And Compound? What Is The Similarity? The Difference Is An Element Cannot Be Separated Into Simpler Substances By Physical Or Chemical Means But A Compound Is Composed Of Two Or More Elements That Are Chemically Combined. The Similarity Is That They Are Both Pure Substances.
What Can Be Used To Separate Substances Based On Density? Centrifuge
Give An Example Of An Heterogeneous And Homogeneous Mixture. An Example Of A Heterogeneous Mixture Is Trail Mix And An Example Of A Homogeneous Mixture Is Milk.
Elements, Compounds, And Mixtures Are All Classified As _______. Matter
What Are The Three Types Of Mixtures? Solution, Colloid, And Suspension
What Are Solutes? Concentration? Solubility? A Solute Is A Component In A Solutions Dissolved In The Solvent. Concentration Is A Measure Of The Amount Of Solute Dissolved In A Solvent. Solubility Is The Ability Of The Solute To Dissolve In A Solvent At A Certain Temperature.
What Are The Three Major Categories Of Elements? Metals, Nonmetals, And Metalloids
What Is The Only Way To Break Down A Compound? Through A Chemical Change
What Are The Different Types Of Techniques Scientist Use To Separate Mixtures? Distillation, Magnet, Filtration, Centrifuge, Evaporation (Physical Means)
What Are Ways To Dissolve Solids Faster? Heating, Mixing, And Crushing
What Is A Pure Substance? A Substance In Which There Is Only One Type Of Particle
What Are Mixtures Made Of? Elements, Compounds, Or Sometimes Even Both
What Is The Only Way To Break Down A Mixture? Through A Physical Change
What Is The Difference Between Heterogeneous And Homogenous? Heterogeneous Different Parts Can Be Seen And Homogeneous It Looks The same Throughout
Why Must Elements, Compounds, And Mixtures Have Ratios? Join In A Specific Ratio According To Their Masses

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