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dissolving When a solid splits up and mixes with a liquid to make a solution
filtering Separating things that have not dissolved from a liquid.
insoluble A solid that will not dissolve
mixture A lot of different things jumbled up together
soluble A solid that can dissolve in a liquid
solute The solid that has dissolved in a liquid to make a solution
solution When a solid has dissolved in a liquid
solvent The liquid that has dissolved a solid to make a solution
transparent Another word for see-through
brine A solution of common salt and water
common salt A chemical we use to make things taste 'salty'
evaporation A liquid turning into a gas
salts Chemicals from rocks that have dissolved in water
condensing A gas turning into a liquid
distillation The process of separating a liquid from a solution by evaporating the liquid and then condensing it
pure A substance that does not have anything else in it
steam Water as a gas. Also called water vapour
still The apparatus used for distillation
water vapour Water as a gas. Also called steam
chromatogram The dried piece of paper produced by chromatography
chromatography Separating dissolved solids from one another. The solids are usually coloured
saturated A solution that contains as much dissolved solid as it possibly can
solubility The amount of a solid that will dissolve in 100g of a liquid
variable A factor in an experiment that can change

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