amphibian Vertebrate with moist skin (frog)
bird Vertebrate with feathers (eagle)
fish Vertebrate with wet scales, fins and gills (salmon)
invertebrate Animal with no backbone
kingdom Largest groups that living things are sorted into
mammal Vertebrate with hair, which also produces milk (human)
reptile Vertebrate with dry scales (snake)
vertebrate An animal with a backbone
arachnid Type of arthropod with four pairs of legs (spider)
arthropod Invertebrate with jointed legs (fly)
centipede Type of arthropod with long thin body divided into sections. One pair of legs on each body section
crustacean Type of arthropod with a chalky shell and 5-7 pairs of legs (lobster)
echinoderm Invertebrate with a body in five parts (starfish)
exoskeleton Thick outer covering found on arthropods
insect Type of arthropod with tree pairs of legs (fly)
millipede Arthropod with long, thin body divided into sections. Two pairs of legs on each body section
mollusc Invertebrate that crawls on a fleshy pad (snail)

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