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Ecological Relations/Energy Flow

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A rabbit and a wolf are both in the woods the wolf eats the rabbit what type of ecological relationships do these animals have? Predation – The wolf eats the rabbit so the rabbit is the wolf's prey.
Parasitism- The wolf benefits by getting something to eat but the rabbit is harmed because it was eaten.
In the desert there is a dead animal, vultures eat the parts they can get to then the lappet-faced vulture comes and eats the rest of the animals that the other vultures could not get to like he the tendons.what type of ecological relation ship is this? Predation -The vultures come and eat the dead animal.
Commensalism- The vultures benefit from getting food but the dead animal is neither helped or harmed because it is not alive.
Limiting factors are anything that restricts or controls the number of individuals in a population.What do limiting factors affect? limiting factors affect the population growth.If there are limiting factors only so many people can be in a place.
What is an example of mutualism ? An example of mutualism is when bees and other pollinators come to flowers for nectar, get pollen on them ,and then take the pollen to other pants.The pollinators get the nectar and the flowers get pollinated.
What is the largest number of individuals of one species an ecosystem can support called? This is called a carrying capacity. The carrying capacity depends on how many limiting factors there are.
What is in an ecosystem? In an ecosystem there are all the biotic and abiotic factors that interact in an area. These are all the living and non-living things.
What type of ecological relationship does any team display when they are trying to accomplish something? The type of ecological relationship that the teams display is cooperation.This is cooperation because they are working together for a common purpose.
What happens during the time green plants photosynthesize ? During photosynthesis plants use water,carbon dioxide,and light from the sun to make glucose.They use most of the energy they make for their benefits.
What happens to the energy that the producers do not use? The energy that the producers do not use go to organisms that can not make their own energy.The type of organisms that can not make their own energy are called consumers.they eat the producers and other consumers to get energy.
How do organisms that cannot make their own energy get energy? Consumers eat the producers and other consumers to get energy.The type of consumers that eat other consumers are called secondary consumers
What is the type of consumer that eats a consumer that has already eaten another consumer? This type of consumer is called a third order or it is called a tertiary consumer.They can be a carnivore or an omnivore.
What do predators do to get their food? Predators are consumer that hunt and kill other consumers.They would most likely be carnivores.
What do scavengers do to get their food? Scavengers eat other consumers that have already died. They do not kill their food.
Why is the balance of a food web so important? The balance of a food web is important because if you remove on animal from the food web some animals will overpopulate and other animals will become scarce.The loss of balance in the food web would make drastic changes.
Where is the most and least amount of energy found in an energy pyramid and why? The most amount of energy is at the bottom of the energy pyramid and this is because there are more organisms at the bottom of the pyramid.The least amount of energy is at the top of the pyramid.There are less organisms at the top than at the bottom.

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