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anther Part of the stamen. It produces pollen grains.
carpel Female reproductive organ found in flowers. It is made of a stigma, style and ovary.
egg cell The female sex cell in plants.
embryo Tiny plant, found inside a seed, with a very small shoot and a very small root.
fertilisation Joining of a male sex cell with a female sex cell.
fertilised egg cell What is produced when a male sex cell fuses with an egg cell.
filament Part of the stamen. It supports the anther.
flower Organ system containing reproductive organs – carpel (female), stamen (male).
fruit Something used to carry seeds. Can be fleshy or dry.
nucleus Controls what a cell does.
ovary Part of the carpel. It contains ovules, each of which contains an egg cell.
pollen grain The male sex cell in plants.
pollen tube Tube that grows from a pollen grain down through the stigma and style and into the ovary.
pollination Transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma.
reproductive organ Organ that produces sex cells.
seed Contains a plant embryo and a store of food.
seed coat Hard outer covering of a seed.
sex cell A cell used for sexual reproduction.
sexual reprodution Producing new organisms by combining a male and a female sex cell from two different parents.
stamen Male reproductive organ found in flowers. It is made of an anther and a filament.
stigma part of the carpel. It is where pollen lands.
style Part of the carpel connecting the stigma to the ovary.
variety A plant or animal that is in some way different from its parents.

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