Flash Cards

Chapter 8 Section 3 Vocabulary

Term Definition
Gymnosperm plant that produces naked seeds
Cone largest and most diverse group of gymnosperms today
Ovule a structure that contains an egg cell
Polliniation transfer of pollen from a male reproductive structure to a female reproductive structure
Angiosperm flowering plant; two important traits: produce flowers and in contrast to gymnosperms, which produce uncovered or naked seeds, angiosperms produce seeds that are enclosed by fruit
Flowers the reproductive structure of an angiosperm
Sepal leaf-like structure; enclosed when flower is still a bud
Petal the flower's colorful leaf-like structure, generally the most colorful part of a flower
Stamen male reproductive part
Pistil female reproductive part;found in center of most flowers
Ovary hollow structure; protects the seeds as they develop
Fruit a ripened ovary and other structures that enclose one or more seeds
Monocot angiosperms that have only one seed leaf
Diocot produce seeds with two seed leaves

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