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Comp Check 1.5

Question Answer
caterpillars the larvae of butterflies and moths
food chain a series of plants and animals, each depending upon the next for food; almost always begins with a green plant
larva an immature insect that does not look like the other adult
maggots the larvae of flies
migrate to move from one place to another with the changing seasons
mimicry the close resemblance of one plant or animal to another for some purpose
predator an animal that captures and feeds upon other living things
prey an animal that a predator eats; to capture and devour an animal
Why does almost every food chain begin with a green plant? Because only green plants can make their own food
Name two ways that God protects the viceroy butterfly. He made it to resemble the bitter-tasting monarch, and He taught its larvae to make leaf blankets for the winter.
How can you tell the difference between a monarch and a viceroy? The viceroy has an extra black line across the middle of each hind wing.
What is the protection of the American hover fly and the drone fry They mimic stinging insects; the American hover fly looks like a yellow jacket, and the drone fly looks like a honeybee drone.

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