Flash Cards

Chapter Check 1 Section C

Question Answer
T or F – A honeybee dies a few hours after losing its stinger. T
T or F – W live in an orderly world that operates according to a well-designed plan. T
T or F – The laws of nature are man's laws F – They are God's laws
T or F – It takes four bee-loads of nectar to make one drop of honey T
T or F – Honeybee drones stay awake all winter F – The drones die in the fall after they mate with the queen
T or F – The workers are the only bumblebees to survive the winter F – The drone and worker honeybees die. Only the fertilized queens will live through the winter
T or F – To prevent insect stings, you should shoo bees and wasps away from you. F – Shooing the bees can make them angry and cause them to sting you.
T or F – Only green plants can make their own food T
T or F – Both male and female bees sting F – Only the female stings
T or F – Beetles make up one fourth of all the world's animals T

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