Flash Cards

Chapter Check 1 Section D

Question Answer
The butterfly that mimics the monarch Viceroy
An invertebrate with eight legs and two body parts that lays eggs in a silken sac spider
A female bee that does not lay eggs worker
It has only one pair of wings, which it holds slightly out to its sides when it rests; and its antennae are shorter than its head fly
An insect that makes a paper nest underground yellow jacket
The larvae of flies maggots
a female bee that does ay eggs queen bee
a bird that makes its nest of thistle down goldfinch
Immature insects that look just like the adults nymphs
The larvae of beetles grubs
The bee that is about twice the size of the honeybee bumblebee
A butterfly that migrates from Canada to Mexico monarch
A male bee drone
The buttery that often lays her eggs on thistles painted lady butterfly
The invertebrate that changes from yellow to white to math its surroundings goldenrod spider

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