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Gods Design: Lessons 24-30

Term Definition
What are the characteristics of an Arachnid? Invertebrate with two body parts and eight legs.
Cephalothorax Front segment of an arachnid.
Spinnerets Special organs that produce the silk thread used to weave their webs.
How many legs do spiders have? 8
How many body parts do spiders have? 2
What do insects have that spiders do not? wings and antennas
Why do spiders spin webs? to catch their prey
How do arachnids differ from insects? They only have two body parts, They have eight legs, they do not have wings, and they do not have antennae.
Why are ticks and mites called parasites? They attach themselves to other animals and such their blood.
Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs? The spider can easily walk around his web by walking on the smooth strands, not the sticky ones. Also, spiders secrete an oily substance on their feet that keeps them from sticking to their own web.
Urticating hairs Barbed hairs that tarantulas use to protect themselves.
Crustaceans Arthropods that have jointed legs, two body parts, and exoskeletons.
Name three crustaceans Shrimp, crabs, and tiny brine shrimp
How many body parts does a crustacean have? 2
Why is a crayfish's mouth on the underneath side of its body? So they can eat food from the bottom of the river bed.
What are the crustaceans body parts called? Cephalothroax, Abdomen
What does Myriapod mean? means many feet
Centipede Myriapod that has 15-25 body segments, flat bodies; front pair of legs have venomous claws.
Millipede Myriapod that have rounded body, 100 segments, and not venomous.
Which myriapod has venomous claws? Centipede
How can you tell a centipede from a millipede? Centipedes are flat with only up to 25 segments.
Describe the characteristics of a Mollusk. soft bodied invertebrates, non-segmented bodies with no bones, one muscular foot for moving, a hump containing an the internal organs , a mantle
Mantle An organ that secretes a substance that hardens into a shell in most species.
Bivalve Mollusk that has a two-part shell
Gastropod Mollusk that has a one-piece shell
Cephalopod Mollusk that incudes squids, octopuses, and nautiluses.
What are the three groups of Mollusks? Bivalve, Gastropod, Cephalopod
What kind of mollusk has a two piece shell? Bivalve
What kind of mollusk has a one piece shell? Gastropod
How does a squid move through the water? By squirting a jet of water out the back.
Give two examples of a Bivalve. Oyster, Clams
Which is considered the most intelligent mollusk? Octopus
How can you use a shell to identify an animal? Count the number of pieces the shell has.
Are Octopuses nocturnal? yes
What does nocturnal mean? Sleeps during the day, eats and is awake during the night.
Why are cnidarians so dangerous to most animals? They sting with deadly
Coral Tiny creature with long tentacles.
Where do coral live? Thousands of tiny coral combine their shells together to form a coral colony or reef.
What are the stages of a cnidarian life cycle? Egg, planula, young polyp, mature polyp, young meduas, Adult jellyfish
What does Cnidarian mean? stinging tentacles
A planula develops into a _____________. young polyp
The egg of a cnidarian hatches into a worm like creature called a ________. planula
When cnidarian's disks break off they become _____. medusas
symbiotic relationship Different animals that use and need each other to survive. Both receive benefits from the other.
Describe a polyp. Cnidarian that has a cylinder shaped body with tentacles and a mouth on top.
How does coral protect itself? Builds a case around itself for protection.
What animal is similar to coral and jellyfish? Sea anemone
What is the largest jellyfish in the world? Lion's Mane jellyfish
At what stage of their life cycle do cnidarians break off disks? Mature polyp stage
What do all cnidarians have? Hollow bodies and stinging tentacles.
What are the three most common cnidarians? Jellyfish, Coral, Sea Anemones
What characteristics do Echinoderm have? Spiny-skinned animals that have a system of water-filled tubes that help them move.
Regenerate Ability to grow back missing body parts.
How many legs does a starfish have? 5 or more
What is a starfish's skin like? spiky
What amazing abilities do starfish have? They can regenerate missing body parts.
What are some common echinoderms? starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars
What do starfish eat? clams and oysters
Sponge Animal full of holes and lives on the ocean floor.
Pores Small openings that allow water to flow through.
What do sponge eat? Microscopic organisms that flow through the sponges pores.
How do we know that sponge are animals? They produce eggs, which turn into new sponges.
What happens if a sponge is cut in half? It regenerates into two new sponges.

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