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Qualitative Observation Using our 5 senses to get information about an object.
Quantitative Observation Counting or using a measuring tool to get information about an
object or event
Inference an explanation for what you have observed.
Prediction a forecast about what will happen in the future.
Classification grouping things by what they have in common.
Observational Investigation an experiment that is used to discover information about
objects or events by using one or more of our 5 senses.
Experimental Investigation an experiment that tests a hypothesis to see if changes in the
independent variable affect the outcome (the dependent
Variables -an experiment that change or can be changed
Independent Variable the variable that I, the experimenter, change on purpose at the
beginning of the experiment to see if it will affect anything..
Dependent Variable the variable that changes or responds to what the scientist
Hypotheses a prediction of how the IV will affect the DV.
Constants parts of the experiment that do NOT change.
Control An experiment is done without testing the IV to see what the normal outcome is.
Repeated Trials the number of times you do the experiment or the number of
objects or organisms that are tested.

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