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Gods Design: Lessons 20-23

Term Definition
What is an invertebrate? Animals that do not have backbones.
Where do invertebrates live? The house and in your yard.
What are the six categories of invertebrates? Arthropods, Mollusks, Cnidarians, Echinoderms, Sponges, Worms
Arthropod Invertebrates that have jointed legs/feet, more than one body section, have strong outer coating.
What is the largest group of Arthropods? Insects
What is the second largest group of Arthropods? Spiders
Segmented Bodies Two or more distinct body regions.
Endoskeleton Internal skeleton of bone/cartilage like vertebrates.
Exoskeleton Outside covering/protection.
Chitin Exoskeleton is made of this starchy substance.
Insect Animal with three body parts, one pair of antennae, six legs connected to the middle section of its body, and a pair of wings.
Head Front segment of an insect.
Thorax Center segment of an insect.
Abdomen End segment of an insect.
How many body parts does an insect have? 3
How many legs does an insect have? 6
Name three common insects. Ant, Bee, Fly
Incomplete metamorphosis. The young insect resembles its parents when its hatched.
Complete metamorphosis. An insect that starts out as an egg, larvae, chrysalis, then an adult.
Define a Nymph. Baby insect that looks like its parents.
Define Larvae. Baby insect that DOES NOT looks like its parents.
Define Pupa. Third stage during a complete metamorphosis cycle, also called chrysalis.
What are the three stages of a grasshoppers life? Egg, Nymph, Adult
What are the four stages of a butterflies life? Egg, Larvae, Chrysalis (Pupa), Adult
Five groups of Arthropods. Insects, Arachnids, Crustaceans, Millipedes, centipedes.

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