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Constellations, Stars, and Telescopes

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What makes a refracting telescope different from a reflecting telescope? A refracting telescope has 2 lens to direct light. A reflecting telescope has 1 lens and 2 mirrors to direct light.
What's the purpose of a lens? To focus/direct light
True or False: A planet is a huge globe of hot gases that shines by its own light. False. Planets do not produce their own light. Instead, planets reflect the sun's light.
How is earth's rotation measured? 24 hrs. or 1 day
What is the difference between earth's rotation and revolution? Earth's rotation occurs each day. Earth makes one full turn on its axis. Earth's revolution occurs each year. The earth makes one full orbit around the sun.
Is our sun a star or planet? Star
What is the name of the powerful telescope that orbits earth in space? The Hubble Space Telescope
Who was Galileo? A famous scientist who developed one of the first telescopes.
A group of stars that forms a pattern in the night sky is called…? A constellation
Earth's axis points toward this star that, unlike other stars, doesn't seem to move. Polaris
What do we call a piece of a comet or asteroid that hits earth's atmosphere and burns up? A meteor
When a meteor doesn't burn up by earth's atmosphere and it ends up striking earth, we call it a…? Meteorite
A large ball of ice, dust, and rock particles that moves in an elliptical orbit around the sun is called a…? Comet
This type of telescope is more common because it creates a clearer picture of the object and it is easier to create larger mirrors than larger lens. Reflecting telescope
Ursa Major is a scientific term for what well known constellation? The Big Dipper
Do planets or stars move? Planets
Are planets closer to earth or stars (other than the sun)? Planets
Thinking about size, which are larger: planets or stars? Stars
What causes the sun to rise in the east and set in the west? Earth's rotation around its axis.
True or False: Earth is the center of our solar system. False. The sun is the center of our solar system since all planets orbit around it.
A comet travels in an elliptical orbit around the sun. What's an elliptical orbit look like? A stretched out oval.
Do comets orbit around the sun frequently? No. The most well known comet, Haley's comet, orbits the sun every 76 years.

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