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Central Nervous System(CNS) Nervous system that includes you brain, spinal cord, and medulla
Peripheral Nervous System(PNS) Nervous system that includes your communication pathways, or nerves
Nerves Axons bundled together with blood vessels and connective tissue
Neurons Specialized cells that transfer messages throughout your body in the form of fast-moving electrical energy
Dendrites Give information to neurons from these short branched extensions
Axon How information is transmitted to other cells, a fiber
Axon Terminal The tip of every branch on an axon
Impulses Electrical messages that pass along the neurins
Receptors Sensory Neurons that have specialized dendrites that detect changes inside and outside the body
Motor Neurons Neurons that send impulses from the brain and spinal cord to other systems
Brain Part of your CNS, the nervous systems largest organ, had 100s of different jobs
Cerebrum Larges part of brain, where you think and where most memories are stored, it controls voluntary movements and allows you to detect touch, light, sound, odors, taste, pain, heat, and cold
Hemispheres The two haves of the brain
Left Hemisphere Controls right side of the body
Right Hemisphere Controls left side of the body
Cerebellum Part of brain that receives sensory impulses from skeletal muscles and joints
Medulla Part of brain that connects the brain to the spinal cord
Vertebrae Rounded protective bones that surround the spinal cord
Reflex A quick involuntary action

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