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Work and machines

Term Definition
Work Exerting a force on an object that causes the object to move
Joule Work when you exert a force of 1N to move an object 1 meter
Power Rate at which work is done
machine device that allows you to do work in a way that is easier
input force force you exert on a machine
output force force the machine exerts
input work input force times he input distance
output work output force times the output distance
mechanical advantage ratio of output force to the input force
efficiency output work compared to input work
Inclined plane flat, sloped surface
Wedge device that is thick at one end and tapers to a thin edge at the other.
screw incline plane around a cylinder
Lever rigid bar that is free to pivot, or rotate, on a fixed point
fulcrum fixed point that a lever pivots around
wheel and axel two circular or cylindrical objects that rotate around a common axis
pulley a groved wheel with a rope or cable wrapped around it
compound machine machine utilizing two or more simple machines

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