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Chapter 1 Vocab

Term Definition
Animal Science combination of disciplines that together comprise the study of domestic animals
Avian pertaining to poultry and/or fowl
Barrow a castrated male hog
Boar an intact male hog
Broiler a chicken of either sex produced and used for meat purposes
Buck term used for both an intact male rabbit an intact male goat
Calorie measurement of food energy;a kilocalorie is the amount of heat to raise temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius
Chick young chicken or gamebird of either sex from 1 day old to about 5 to 6 weeks old
Colt young male horse
Doe a female goat; a female rabbit
Domestic animals species that have been brought under control by humans and have adapted to life with humans
Equine pertaining to horses
Ewe female sheep
Foal newborn horse of either sex; term is sometimes used up to the time of weaning, after which "colt" and "filly" are more likely used
Gelding castrated male horse
Gilt any female pig that has not given birth; sometimes producers use this term after the first litter is born and call a first-litter sow a first-litter gilt
Hen mature female chicken or turkey
Husbandry combined animal care and management practices
Lamb a sheep under 1 year of age; also, the meat from a sheep under 1 year of age
Layer a hen in the physiological state of producing eggs regularly
Mare mature female horse
Meat the flesh of animals used for food
Per capita per unit of population
Pork meat from a hog
Poultry domestic birds raised for eggs and meat
Rooster mature, male chicken; also referred to as "cock"
Sow female pig that has given birth
Stallion mature, male horse that is not castrated
Tom intact male turkey; also called a gobbler
Beef meat from cattle other than calves
Bovine refers to cattle
Bull intact male bovine
Calf young bovine animal under one year of age (male or female)
Caprine refers to goats
Cwt Abbreviation for hundredweight (100 lbs.)
Heifer young female bovine before having her first calf
Mutton meat from a sheep one year of age or older
Ovine refers to sheep
Porcine refers to swine
Steer castrated male bovine
Biometry application of statistics to topics in biology
Filly young female horse
Agriculture combination of science and art used to cultivate and grow crops and livestock and process the products
Culture set of occupational activities, economic structures, beliefs/values, social forms, and material traits that define our actions and activities
Hunter-gatherers people that support their needs by hunting game, fishing, and gathering edible and medicinal plants
Farmers anyone who practices agriculture by managing and cultivating livestock and/or crops
Civilization what we consider a fairly high level of cultural and technological development
Genetics science of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics
Heredity transmission of genetic characteristics from parent to offspring
Animal breeding use of biometry and genetics to improve farm animal production
Genetic code set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material is translated into proteins by living cells
Nutrition study of how organisms take in and use food/feed for body needs and how body uses nutrients
Physiology study of physical and chemical processes of an animal or any of the body systems of cells of the animal
Animal health study of how diseases, parasites, and environmental factors productivity and animal welfare
Ethology study of the biology of animal behavior
Applied ethology study of behavior in domestic animals
Meat science science of handling, distributing, and marketing meat and meat products
Dairy product science science of providing milk and milk products as food
Biotechnology collective set of tools and applications of living organisms, or parts of organisms, to make or modify products, improve plants or animals, or develop microorganisms for specific uses
Omnivores animals that eat both animal- and plant- based feeds
Renewable resources resources that can be replaced or produced by natural ecological cycles or management systems
Nutrient density measurement of the nutrients provided in a food compared to the calories it contains
Diet total of the foods and water being consumed by an individual or group
Essential amino acids amino acids required by the body that must be consumed in the diet
Undernourished receiving inadequate nourishment for proper health and growth
Manure What is a valuable by-product used for fertilizer and other applications?
Draft animal animal whose purpose is to perform work that involves hauling or pulling(ex:ox or horse pulling a plow)
Slaughter by-products What are the source of a large number of industrial and consumer products?
Livestock revolution large increases in supply and demand of livestock and animal products worldwide at the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century
Green revolution dramatic improvements in grain production in developing countries during the 1060s to the 1980s because of technological innovation and application
Biofuel gas or liquid fuel made form biological materials, such as crops and animal waste

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