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Vocabulary for Scientific Method

Term Definition
Step 1: Problem/Question Develop a question or problem
Step 2: Observation/Research Make observations and research
Step 3: Hypothesis An if/then statement/educated guess
Step 4: Experiment Develop and follow a procedure. You should always have a detailed material list
Step 5: Collect and Analyze results Review and modify data
Step 6: Conclusion Look at data and form an ending paragraph, "Conclusion".
Step 7: Communicate your results Share results for further studies by other scientists
Procedure Clear step by step instructions
Constants The factors that stay the same in an experiment
Dependent Variable A variable that may change but not on purpose
Independent Variable variable that is purposefully changed for the sake of the experiment
Conclusion Summary of findings and results
Control What you compare your results to
Hypothesis Educated guess/if then statement
Variable The factor that may can/may change in an experiment

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