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Chapter 2 vocab

Term Definition
Nutrients chemical substances that provide nourishment to the body
Per capita per unit of population
pig Most important meat source
Poultry meat production rate growing 3% annually
Total world milk production rate increasing about 2% per year
Dairy products What supplies the major source of fat in human diets?
Metric tons (MT) approximately 1.1 U.S. tons. Equal to 1 million grams or 1000 kilograms
Essential fatty acids fatty acids required in the diet
By-products substances and products remaining that still have value even after the products of greatest value get removed
Liver What organ meat is most widely used?
83% Approximately how much milk comes from cattle?
Ghee clarified liquid butter
dairying What is a very efficient means of converting animal feed to people food?
chickens What animal produces the most eggs for human consumption?
Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) largest autonomous agency within United Nations system. It works to alleviate poverty and hunger by promoting agricultural development
Nutrient density measurement of the nutrients found in a food compared to the calorie sat_flash_1
meat In developed countries, what accounts for the largest share of food cost?
Body coverings What are the most important products from some animals?
Hides/skins In poor countries, what is the most valuable animal export product that may provide valuable foreign currency?
Mohair and cashmere What are the two types of body coverings goats yield that used for making fabrics?
Mohair What is clipped from the Angora goat each year?
Cashmere(pashmina) What is the very fine underfur of the Kashmir goat?
Karakul and Kuche What are the fur-bearing breeds of sheep?
Silk What material is important in production agriculture in China, India,and Uzbekistan?
Machines In developed agriculture, what provides most farms their power
Draft to move loads by drawing or pulling. A draft animal is one that is used to draw or pull loads
50% In developing countries, how much land is tilled by draft animals?
Compost decayed organic matter used for fertilizing land
Manure What do farmers use to improve soil texture?
Manure What is used in developed countries as a source of fertility
5% What percent of U.S. cropland is fertilized with livestock manure?
Fuel In developing areas of the world, what is manure used as?
Cow and/or buffalo manure What do people from Africa and Asia use as plaster for their huts?
Poultice a soft, moist mass held between layers of cloth,(usually warm) and applied to some area of the body
Urine What is used to enhance soil fertility in many parts of the world due to its nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium sat_flash_1?
Grazing animals What is used to control vegetation?
Ducks What are used in rice fields after harvest to pick up missed grain and reduce insect populations?
Pesticides any agent or poison used to destroy pests including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and rodenticides
Livestock What do people in developing countries use for storing their surplus capital?
Animals What represents one of the most reliable reserve food supplies in many countries of the world?
Combined animal recreation events In developing regions, what represents the largest source of entertainment for people?
True Animals play an important role in the traditional way that formal contracts are sealed and social obligations met.
Pet foods and livestock feeds What are many inedible meat products used for?
Animals What have been used extensively as models in biomedical research?
Recombinant DNA DNA molecules that have had new genetic material inserted into them; product and tool of genetic engineering
Xenotransplantation transplanting of animal organs into humans
Animal agriculture What is a highly specialized means of using land and labor to generate earnings
Animals What does developing-country agriculture depend on for income?
greater than $110 billion What are annual cash receipts from animal agriculture?
Controlling pests, using alley-cropping systems where leguminous trees are planted in strips with animals and crops alternated between them; and providing alternative use in tree cropping systems What vital roles do domestic animals play in land and water conservation practices?
Companion animal an animal to whom an owner has an intense emotionally tie
Contract grower producers who contract with an organization to produce a product for a price determined through a contractile arrangement
Economy of size a relatively simple concept revolving around the maximization of the use of equipment, labor, and other costly items
Farrow In swine, term used to indicate giving birth
Feeder pig generally thought of as a pig weighing between 30 and 90 lbs.; some regional difference in this range
Feedlot area where livestock gets fed
Grain-fed beef meat from cattle that have undergone a significant grain feeding
Finishing phase final feeding stage when animals are readied for market
Forage fiber-containing feeds like grass or hay; can be grazed or harvested for feeding
Milk normal secretion of the mammary
Mohair fiber produced by Angora goat
Nursery pig term often used to indicate an early-weaned pig of light weight that is housed in special, environmentally controlled nursery facilities
Nutrient a chemical substance that provides nourishment to the body;essential nutrients are those necessary for normal maintenance, growth and functioning
Nutrient density measurement of the essential nutrients found in a food compared to the calorie sat_flash_1 of the food
Seed stock broodstock intended for future production
Stocker calf weaned calf being grown prior to placement in a feedlot for finishing
Vertical integration the control of two adjacent stages stages in the vertical marketing channel from producers to consumers
Xeno-transplantation transplanting animal organs into humans

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