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Information Science

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Who was the founder of information science Jason Faradane (1958)
What is document explosion When you have too much documents
What is information explosion All is on it
What does ICT stand for Information Communication Technology
Name four information related activities that information science seeks to understand -Seeking and retrieving behaviors
-Organization and collection
-intellectual representation and
-the systems and techniques to accomplish this
What does Information science and computer science need? A human element
What is the Meta-Theory? Structured and organized data about data or theory about theory
Name Five elements of study that is predominant to Information Science 1. Human cognitive communication systems
2. The idea of desired information
3. The effectiveness of information (systems) and information transfer
4.The relationship- between information and generator
5.The relationship between information and user
What is the heart of information science? 1. Informatics
2.Information seeking
3. IR
4. Information management
5.IR system design
What is a information scientist? Indemediater between information and people
Why do we need information? 1.Gain knowledge
2.solve problems
3.make decisions
4.operation and process

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