Term Definition
HEREDITY the passing of traits from parents to offspring
GENETICS the scientific study of heredity
GREGOR MENDEL father of Genetics
TRAITS all of the features that an organism inherits
DNA shaped like a twisted ladder;
contains all the information required to practice a living organism
CHROMOSOMES where DNA is found
GENE is a part of the DNA code on a chromosome
GENOTYPE organism's genetic make-up
PHENOTYPE what you see when you look at an organism
ALLELE different forms of a gene
DOMINANT allele will show their effort on the phenotype wherever they are present in the genotype;
RECESSIVE allele will show their effect on the phenotype only when 2 of them for a trait are present in the genotype;
use lower case letters
HOMOZYGOUS alleles are the same;
ex) TT, tt, BB, bb
HETEROZYGOUS alleles are different;
ex) Tt, Bb, Cc

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