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Acids have a sour ______ Taste
Acids attck metals stone materials and flesh so they are ? Corrosive
Acid turns blue litmus ______ Red
Which acids have a ph close to zero? Strong or weak Strong
Most acids react with most metals to realease what? Hydrogen gas
Metal + acid —–> Salt + hydrogen
Acid reacts with carbonates to form Carbon dioxide
Acid + base —-> Salt and water
Equation for neutrilisation? Acid + base = salt and water
Bases are the ________to acids Opposite
Bases that are soluble in water are called ? Alkalis
Alkalis are soapy to touch because they ______ React with natural oils on the skin to make soap
Are bases corrosive? Yes
Bases turn red litmus ? Blue ___ blue for base
Bases have a ph ___ Bigger than 7
Ammonia has a ph close to ? 7
Sodium hydroxide has a ph closer to ? 14
Ammonia metal hydroxides and metal oxides are all? Acid/base Bases
Bases neutrilise acids by… Forming salt and water

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