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Chapter 8 Section 1 and 2 Vocab

Question Answer
Cuticle Helps a plant reduce water loss; is a waxy, waterproof layer that covers the leaves of most plants.
Vascular Tissue A system of tubelike structures inside a plant through which water, minerals, and food move.
Zygote A fertilized egg, produced by the joining of sperm and egg.
Nonvascular Plants Plants that lack a well-developed system of tubes for transporting water and other materials.
Vascular Plants Plants with true vascular tissue.
Gametophyte The plant produces two types of sex cells: sperm and egg cells.
Sporophyte When the plant produces spores.
Rhizoid Thin, rootlike structure that anchors the moss and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil.
Frond The fern's leaves.

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