Flash Cards

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Term Definition
crust Earth's outer layer; includes the rock of the ocean floor and large areas of land
mantle the thickest layer of Earth; found just below the crust
core the dense center of Earth; a ball made mostly of two metals, iron and nickel
plate continent-sized slabs of Earth's upper crust and mantle
earthquake a vibration, or shaking, of Earth's crust
fault a break in Earth's crust along which rocks move
focus the point underground where the movement of an earthquake first took place
epicentcer the point on the surface of Earth that is right above the focus of an earthquake
seismograph an instrument that records earthquake waves
volcano a mountain that forms when red-hot melted rock flows through a crack in Earth's surface
magma melted rock inside the Earth
lava a melted rock that reaches Earth's surface
vent the rocky tube in a volcano through which magma rises toward the surface
crater a large basin formed at the top of a volcano when it falls in on itself

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