Flash Cards

Questions for review of Lessons 1-10

Question Answer
What planet is located about 93 million miles from the sun? Earth
What planet is more than 750 degrees during the day and -300 degrees during the night? Mercury
What planet spins slowly, taking 59 earth day to make one rotation? Mercury
What planet is the fastest in our solar system, taking only 88 days to race around the sun? Mercury
What planet's orbit is a pronounced elliptical in shape? Mercury
What is the smallest planet according to the International Astronomical Union? Mercury
Which terrestrial planet has many crater made by astroids on part of the planet? Mercury
What is the hottest planet in our solar system? Venus
What planet has lots of volcanoes? Venus
Which planet is covered with heat-trapping clouds made of sulfuric acid? Venus
Which planet is hot on both the side that faces the sun and the side not facing the sun? Venus
Which planet takes 243 earth days to rotate one full turn? Venus
Which planet rotates in the opposite direction as compared to the earth? Venus
Which planet orbits around the sun faster than it rotates? Venus
Which planet is about the same size as earth? Venus
Which planet has had 22 spacecraft visit it? Venus
Galileo was the first to discover the phases of this planet? Venus
Which planet has the perfect amount of mass to create just the right amount of gravity for life? Earth
Which planet has a 24 hour rotation? Earth
Which planet has an atmosphere that contains lots of oxygen? Earth
Which planet has an atmosphere that reaches about 800 miles above its surface? Earth
Which planet has a magnetosphere that creates magnetic field to protect it from the solar wind? Earth
Scientists hope to one day build a community on this planet. Mars
Which planet is called the 'red planet' – a color caused by rusty iron? Mars
On which planet have scientists sent rovers (that move around on the surface of the planet)? Mars
On which planet do scientists dream of building an artificial ecosystem to live in? Mars
Which planet is home to Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in our solar system? Mars
On which planet would you like to throw a baseball, as it would go far due to low gravity? Mars
This planet has a 'butterscotch' colored sky. Mars
This planet has 2 moons – Phobos & Deimos. Mars
If you were on this planet, it would take you 2 earth years to orbit the sun. Mars
This planet rotates at about the same speed as earth. Mars
Scientists are searching this planet with rovers for evidence of liquid water. Mars
This separates the inner planets from the outer planets Asteroid Belt
This may be what is left after a planet exploded. Asteroid Belt
Which planet is big enough for all the other planets to fit in? Jupiter
Which planet is known as the 'protective mom' as its large mass creates a strong gravitational pull protecting earth from asteroids/comets? Jupiter
Which planet has a giant storm that is larger than the size of 2 earths and has been raging for over 300 years? Jupiter
Which planet has rings that were just recently discovered by a spacecraft close to the planet? Jupiter
Which planet has the Galilean moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto? Jupiter
Which planet was explored by the spacecraft called 'Galileo'? Jupiter
Which planet revolves around the sun every 12 earth years? Jupiter
Which planet has been explored by the Cassini space Mission? Saturn
Which planet has a moon named 'Titan' that is almost as big as Mercury? Saturn
Which planet has about 30 moons? Saturn
Which planet takes over 30 earth years to orbit the sun? Saturn
Which planet is less dense than water? Saturn
Which planet is cold – over 300 degrees below zero? Saturn
Which planet has windy storms with winds over 1000mph? Saturn

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