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Mollusks, Arthropods and Echinoderms

Question Answer
What mollusks has two shells held together by a hinge? Bivalve
What mollusk has single shell or no shell and moves with a foot? Gastropods
What does a gastropod eat with? Radula
What mollusk has tentacles? Cephalopod
Squid, octopus, cuttlefish and nautilus are example of what type of mollusk? Cephalopod
How does a cephalopod move? Jet Propulsion
What is the order of complete metamorphosis? Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult
What is the order of incomplete metamorphosis? Egg, Nymph, Larger Nymph, Adult
What are crustaceans, arachnids, centipedes/millipedes and insects the four major groups of? Arthropods
What type of skeleton is an outer skeleton? Exoskeleton
What type of skeleton is an inner skeleton? Endoskeleton
Where is the antenna attached on an arthropod? Head
What arthropod has 2-3 body sections, 5 or more pairs of legs, and 2 pairs of antennae? Crustacean
What arthropod has 2 body sections, 4 pairs of legs and no antennae? Arachnid
What arthropod has 2 body sections and many pairs of legs? Centipede and Millipede
What are the body sections of an insect? Head, thorax and abdomen
Where are the wings attached on an insect? Thorax
What arthropod has one pair of antennae and six legs? Insect
What protects the internal organs and produces the shell of a cephalopod? Mantle
What is the internal system of fluid-filled tubes that helps echinoderms move, grasp objects and catch food? Water Vascular System
What type of symmetry does an echinoderm have? Radial
What is an organism that makes its own food called? Producer
What is an organism that obtains energy by eating other organisms? Consumer
What is an organism that breaks down the wastes and dead bodies of other organisms? Decomposer
What is an animal that carries pollen from plant to plant? Pollinator
What is a natural predator or disease released into an area to fight a harmful insect? Biological Control
What is an example of a pollinator? Bee
What is an example of a biological control? Ladybug eats aphids
Sea stars, Brittle stars, Sea urchins and Sea cucumbers are examples of what group? Echinoderms
What is an animal that eats other animals? Carnivore
What is an animal that eats plants? Herbivore
What mollusk filters food across its gills? Bivalve
What is it called when an exoskeleton is shed to grow a new one? Molting

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