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Chapter 2 – Isomers

Term Definition
isomers chemical compounds that have the same molecular formula but differ in structure
structural isomers compounds that share only their molecular formula
stereoisomers same formula and the same atomic connectivity
geometric isomers differ in whether it is cis or trans
Z cis/same side
E trans/opposite side
chirality object that is not superimposable upon its mirror image
achiral mirror images that can be superimposed; like the letter A
enantiomers chiral mirror images; optically active
R clockwise order of substituents, right turn with steering wheel
S counterclockwise order of substituents, left turn with steering wheel
Fischer Projections 2D representation of 3D molecule; horizontal lines come out of the page; Hydrogen should be vertical
Meso Compounds not optically active, plane of symmetry
+/D rotates polarized light to the right
-/L rotates polarized light to the left
diastereomers stereoisomers that are not mirror images
conformational isomers differ by rotation about one or more single bonds
Newman Projection representation of different configurations
most stable configuration anti staggered
Gauche 60 degrees apart
Eclipsed 120 degrees apart
Totally eclipsed 0 degrees apart, right behind each other
most stable configuration for cyclohexane chair, boat is second

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