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a system that is in the body

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Nutrients Substance in food that provide the raw materials and energy the body need to carry out all essential life process
Fats High energy nutrients that is composed of carbon, oxegen and hydrogen
Mineral A nutrients that needed by living thing in small amounts of to survive
Epiglottis A flap of tissue that seals of the wind pipe and prevents food from entering
Villus Tiny finger shaped structure that cover the inner surface of the small intestine and provide a large surface area through which digested food is absorbed
Cholesterol A waxy, fat like substance, found only in animal products, that is an important part of the body's cell; can build up artery walls
Digestion The process by which the body breaks down food into small nutrient molocule
Esophagus A muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach
Liver The largest and heaviest organ inside the body;it breaks down substance and eliminates nitrogen from the body
Large intestine The last section of the diestive system, where water is absorbed from food and the remaining material eliminates the body

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