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science final part 3

Question Answer
Dirty brown haze caused by exhaust fumes from automobiles smog
An orange looks orange because it______________ all colors except orange. absorbs
A plum looks purple because it ______ purple light and absorbs all other colors reflects
The part of earth where life exists is called the________________. biosphere
Biospheres contains__________ which are made up of________,which are made of_______,which are composed of_______of different species. biomes,ecosystems,communities,populations.
___________is caused by internal friction of electrons moving through an object. resistance
Earth's magnetic poles are located in Canada and Antarctica
Coal, oil, and gas are called _______ fuels fossil
Fossil fuels are __________ resources nonrenewable
Trees, wind and water are called__________ resources. renewable
A magnetic rock called_________ was used in the first compasses. lodestone
Chlorofluorocarbons(CFC's) destroy _______ in the atmosphere and are not used anymore in refrigerants. ozone
____________flows through an ecosystem, from the ______, to producers then to___________. Energy, sun, consumers
A________ is usually established as the end result of ecologicalsuccession. climax community
Nutrients move through the biosphere in ____________ cycles. biogeochemical
The effect where one vibrating object causes another object to vibrate at the same natural frequency. resonance
In the ocean, the process of ________occurs in the photic zone. photosynthesis
During___________ growth, the population grows quickly with few animals dying exponential
According to the nebular model,the solar system formed from a cloud of_______and _______. dust, gas
Electric motors and generators both___________ energy into different forms transform

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