Flash Cards

Medical Terminology 101

Question Answer
stomat(o) mouth
dent(o), odont(o) teeth
gloss(o), lingu(o) tongue
cheil(o) lips
gingiv(o) gums
esophagi(o) esophagus
pharyng(o) pharynx
gastr(o) stomach
enter(o) intestine
duoden(o) duodenum
jejun(o) jejunum
ile(o) ileum
colon(o) colon
sigmoid(o) sigmoid colon
rect(o) rectum
proct(o) anus and rectum
hepat(o) liver
cholecyct(o) gallbladder
chole gall
cyst(o) bladder
pancreat(o) pancreas
saliv(o) salivary gland

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