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Which living things are classified as producers? (plants 1) Green plants
Which organism can not produce its own food? (plants 2) Fish
Green plants supply a food chain with….(plants 3) Consumers
What is the source of energy for the process of photosynthesis? (plants 6) Sunlight
Heredity info is found in a cells……(Genetics 3) Chromosomes
Which following parts of the microscope contain lenses? (Microscopes 9) Ocular AND objective
WHich would be best followed by a bar graph? (Graphing 5) The number of babies born in 4 different hospitals in 2003
The female sex cell is the…(cells 4) Egg
What is the part of the plant that traps light for photosynthesis? (Cells-5) Chloroplast
Which of the following is NOT an animal cell? (cells 6) Cell Wall
In an multi-cellular organisms, cell division is required for growth and ..(Cells 8) repair
The process of letting water pass through the surface of a cell is..(cells 10) Osmosis
A rock that contains fossil seashells was most likely formed as a result of…(Evolution 3) Sedimentation
Which of the organisms in the diagram can use nitrogen gas? (Cycles in Nature 5) Bacteria
Plants take in Nitrogen in the form of…(Cycles in Nature 6) Nitrates
Which of the organisms in the diagram would be considered decomposers? (Cycles in Nature 8) PLant and Mouse.
Urea, Urine, and sweat are removed by the body by the…..Human Body I 7) Excretory System
Adrenalin is a hormone secreted by a gland in the..(Human Body I 10) Endocrine System
Which Body system includes these organs? (Human Body 1 11) Female Reproductive
Which gas is released as a waste product of respiration by the seahorse, fish, and plant? (Living Organism 5)

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