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Energy ability to do work or cause change
Joules measures energy
Kinetic Energy moving energy
Potential Energy stored energy
Elastic Potential when an object is pulled or stretched out of normal shape, releases energy when returned to normal shape
Mechanical Energy Potential + Kinetic or (motion)
Chemical Energy stored in chemical bonds, example: food
Nuclear Energy stored in an atom's nucleus- /produce sunlight
Electromagnetic Energy travels through space waves, example: x-rays/radio waves/microwaves
Thermal Energy the total kinetic and potential energy within an object (heat)
Energy Transformation one form of energy to another (changes form)
Energy Transfer no change in form
Law of Conservation of Energy energy is lost nor created- only changes form
Direction of heat transfer hot to cold
Conduction when objects touch heat is transferred
Convection only in fluids such as water or air (moves in a cycle)
Radiation fire= feel without touching, radiation does not need matter
Power rate work is done
need to know….. when energy transforms from kinetic to potential/ potential to kinetic the total sum of energy doesn't change!!
need to know….. work- transfer of energy, work is a force exerted on an object
Work is done when a force is exerted on an object , makes the object move in the direction of the force — this is a transfer of energy Power is a rate at which work is done or transfer of energy over time

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