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What healthy choices can you make while eating out? Choose a restaurant that offers heathy choices.
Avoid All-you-can-eat-buffets
What do you look for when reading the menu? -Meats that are broiled baked or grilled
-Foods with tomato-based sauces
-Vegetables that are steamed, poached, or stir fried
What actions can you take when trying to make the right food choice? Speak up and ask questions
What are some ways you can "Speak Up" when ordering? -Ordering before your companions
-Have the server identify the low-fat or low-calorie choices
-Ask if you can have smaller portions
How can you prevent spoiling your diner? Try not to fill up on empty calorie items (chips, breads, crackers) before your meal
What is the main factor in peoples food choices Taste
How can you savor the flavor and enjoy your food -Chew slowly
-Put your fork down in between bites
-Use lemon juices or vinegars to add flavor to salads
How long dos it take your brain to register that you are full 15-20 minutes
How many portions do restaurants typically serve 2-3 portion sizes
How can you stop eating before you full -Cut your meal in half when it is served and ask the server to box the rest up
-Stop eating when you are satisfied not full
How can you keep fast foods on your menu Plan ahead, choose wisely, banning "super size", and limiting frequency
List some healthy breakfast choices Pancakes, cereal with low fat milk, bagels or english muffins, or low fat muffins
List some healthy Entrees Grilled chicken sandwich, baked chicken, bean burrito, cheese or veggie pizza, or a baked potato
List some healthy beverages Diet soda, low fat milk, 100% fruit juices, unsweetened tea, or low fat shakes
List some healthy sides/desserts French fries, yogurt, or salads with low fat dressing,
What some healthy choices for ITALIAN foods -pasta with tomato sauce or marinara
-Limit creamy or white sauces
-Limit garlic bread
-Choose vinegar or oil dressings for salads
What are some healthy tips for MEXICAN foods -Limit chips
-Limit frozen beverages
-Choose fajitas nut limit sour cream
-Order whole pinto beans
-Stay away from taco salads
What are some healthy tips for CHINESE foods -Choose dishes that are steamed or stir fried
-Ask for salt to be limited
-Choose vegetarian entrees
-Choose steamed rice instead of fried
What are some healthy tips for THAI foods -Limit dishes with coconut milk
-Chose a variety of vegetables
-Limit peanut sauces
-Order salad rolls
What are some healthy tips for INDIAN foods -Limit the fried foods and the ghee
-Limit the high in fat-made with coconut milk, cream and whole milk yogurt
What are some healthy tips for STEAKHOUSES -Choose lean cut meats
-Trim all visible fats
-Request it be broiled
-Watch portion sizes
-Eat baked potatoes

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