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Vocab for weather (last unit)

Vocabulary Word Definition
Air Mass A large body of air that has properties similar to the part of Earth's surface over which it develops
Front A boundary between two air masses of different density, moisture, or temperature
Tornado A violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground
Hurricane A large, swirling, low-pressure system that forms over the warm Atlantic Ocean
Blizzard A cold, howling wind and blowing snow storm with winds at 56 km and with less than 400 m of visibility
Cold Front Represented with blue triangles; it occurs when colder air advances towards warm air
Warm Front Represented with red semicircles; Form when lighter,warmer air advances over heavier, colder air
Occluded Front Shown with purple triangles & semicircles; Forms when a cold air mass moves towards a cool air with warm air between the two.
Stationary Front Shown with red semicircles and blue triangles pointing downwards; Occurs when a boundary between air masses stops advancing
Meteorologist A person who studies the weather
Station Model A combination of symbols that show the weather conditions at a specific location on Earth
Isotherm A line that connects points of equal temperature
Isobar A line drawn to connect points of equal atmospheric pressure

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