Question Answer
galaxy a group of star clusters held together by gravity
milky way our home galaxy
spectrum a band of colors made when light is broken up
expansion redshift the absorption lines that result in longer(redder) wavelengths from galaxies moving away from each other as space expands
big bang the beginning moment when the universe was very hot and dense, resulting in a tremendous "explosion"
background radiation radiation that is left over from the beginning moments of the universe and is coming from all directions of space
astronomers estime that our own galaxy may contain more than 200billion _____ and that the universe may have as many as 100billion _______ stars; galaxies
Galaxies and stars formed as a result of the ___ ____ big bang
_____ formed out of the nebula that formed the sun Earth
What are the galaxy shapes? spiral, elliptical, and irregular
What type of galaxy is the milky way? spiral

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