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Alexis Caldwell Step 16

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What is sexual reproduction? The combining of two unquie genetic material to make an offspring.
What is an egg? It is the females sex cell and is located in the ovary.
What is a sperm? It is the males sex cell and is located in the testis.
What is fertilization? It is the of a sperm cell and an egg cell combining.
What is a zygote? It is the cell that forms during fertilization.
What is a diploid? It is a that has pairs of chromosomes.
What is a homologous chromosome? It is pairs of chromosomes that have genes for the same traits in the same exact order.
What is a haploid? It is a cell that has only one chromosome from a pair.
What is meiosis? It is the process of one diploid cell dividing into four haploid sex cells.
What is uncoiled stringy DNA called? Chromatin
Are chromosome in meiosis all exactly the same? No
What kind of cell and how many of them are in telophase II? Four haploid cells
What is cancer? It is when there is a disruption in the cell cycle and the cell just keeps making more cells.
What is Tubulin? It is the individual protein molecules in microtubules.
What is a microtubuler? It is another word for spindle fibers.
What is tissue culture ? It is cells that are grown in a lab.

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