Flash Cards

Plant Processes- Unit 7

Question Answer
Describe sexual reproduction in plants. -the egg and the sperm are fertilized in the flower after pollination.
Name the 3 stages that occur for flower reproduction. Stage 1: Pollination
Stage 2: Fertilization
Stage 3: Germination
Describe cross pollination. -when pollen goes from one plant to another through bugs, birds, wind, humans and animals.
Name the structures of a flower. 1) sepal 2) petal 3) stamen 4) anther
5) filament 6) pistil 7) stigma 8) style
9) ovary 10) ovules
What is the purpose of the sepal? -to cover and protect an immature flower
What is the purpose of the petal? -it attracts insects or other pollinators; different colors, shapes and aromas
What is the stamen? -the male reproductive structures (Stanley Stamen)
Where is the anther located and what does it produce? -it is located at the top of the stamen and it produces pollen
What is the filament? -the tube of the stamen
What is the pistil? -it is the female reproductive structure (Paula Pistil)
Where is the stigma located and what is its purpose? -it is located at the tip of the pistil and it is the sticky area that collects pollen grains
What is the style? -it is the long tube of the pistil
Where is the ovary located? -it is located at the base of the pistil
What does the ovary contain? -it contains ovules with an egg in it
Describe what happens once the ovule is fertilized. -the ovule develops into a seed and the ovary develops into the fruit
Describe asexual reproduction in plants. -vegetative propagation.
-you are taking one plant and creating other plants from it
Name a type of budding plant. -potato plants
Name types of runners. -raspberry and strawberry plants (they run across the ground)
Describe cutting. -it is when you physically cut part of a plant and re-root it
What are plantlets? -tiny plants are formed and fall off to produce a new plant
Define Plant Tropisms. -a change in the growth of a plant due to a stimulus
What is phototropism? -a change in the growth of a plant that is caused by light
– positive tropism = toward the light
– negative tropism = away from the light
What is gravitropism? – a change in the growth of a plant that is caused by gravity
positive or negative
Describe the seasonal changes of evergreens. – they shed very little
– they are green all year round
Describe the seasonal changes of deciduous trees. – they lose all of their leaves at the same time (fall)
Describe what happens when leaves change color. – chlorophyll breaks down and other pigments are exposed

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