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Can you really have rabdomyolysis and doc said it was arthritis

Rhabdomyolysis is the rapid destruction of skeletal muscle resulting in leakage into the urine of the muscle protein myoglobin.

Rhabdomyolysis has many causes.

Mediations can cause muscle injury and rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdomyolysis can cause muscle pain and weakness.

The blood levels of muscle enzymes, like CPK, SGOT, SGPT, and LDH, as well as blood and urine myoglobin are used to diagnose and monitor rhabdomyolysis.

Hospitalisation may be needed to treat rhabdomyolysis.

The connection with arthritis in this case is a Little hard to understand without more information aside from there being a side affect from the withdrawn drug viox that may lead to it.

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