Answer: Many health food and supplement stores sell ‘collodial’ silver (correctly spelled colloidal), and hundreds of web sites sell colloidal silver on the Internet.

Before you rush off to buy, there are five things you should know about colloidal silver…

The type of colloidal silver is more important than the brand.
A type known as ionic colloidal silver is more easily absorbed, and expelled, so it’s very difficult to get argyria, the blue-gray skin condition so many people fear.
Ionic colloidal silver is also MUCH more effective than colloidal silver, due to the smaller size of the ionic silver.
There are many good brands of ionic colloidal silver.
The best ionic colloidal silver will have a ratio of 85% ionic silver to 15% colloidal silver.

*To find the best ionic colloidal silver, just (google) search for “85% ionic silver”

Why use ionic silver?

1. See these slide images from lab tests which show ionic form is most effective. A picture is worth a thousand words.
See Sources and related links below “Particulate vs Ionic Silver”

2. See this collection of studies showing ionic silver works better than colloidal silver (silver particulates).
See Sources and related links “Research on Colloidal Silver”

3. According to Canadian (BC) government, “The ionic form of silver is necessary”.
See Sources and related links “Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Silver”

According to expert congressional testimony, not much silver is needed to be effective.
See Sources and related links “Congressional Testimony American Biotech Laboratories”

Typical uses of colloidal silver include:

Spraying, for lung or nasal infections, by inhaling deeply (use the dosage as directed on labels)
Spraying onto cuts, burns, sunburns, sores, cold sores, bandages, frequently.

Drops are used (held under the tongue for a minute or so) for internal needs.

According to EPA, the daily dose believed to be safe is 350 mcg of silver daily, for up to 70 years. At this level, one can safely consume seven teaspoons daily of a 10 ppm “colloidal” silver solution. And, a 20 ppm silver solution will have a max daily dose of 3.5 teaspoons. So, you should beware of products having more than 30 ppm of silver with a dose of more than two teaspoons per day. Some products available on the Internet have a concentration in the 100 ppm or more. These high concentrations produce a greater risk of argyria (blue/gray skin) from silver accumulation. As you can see from the list of effective concentrations of silver (the Congressional Testimony) such high amounts of silver are unnecessary, since most microbes die off at well under 10 ppm of silver.

90-99% of silver is removed by the body in two days, according to animal studies (google). The remainder is removed in the following one to four weeks, so an approriate break from silver use can prevent the undesirable side-effect of blue/gray skin.

According to the BC Canadian government,
“Silver is a disinfectant for non-spore forming bacteria at concentrations about 1000 times lower than the levels at which it is toxic to mammalian life.”
See Sources and related links “Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Silver”

According to the US FDA,
“Silver has been known for its antimicrobial properties for decades”
See Sources and related links “FDA: ‘Silver has been known for its antimicrobial properties for decades’

According to
Definition: antimicrobial
“A substance that kills microorganisms such as bacteria or mold, or stops them from growing and causing disease.”
See Sources and related links “Definition: antimicrobial”

Best Hint:
Look for a brand that says its completely clear in color, and mostly ionic (70% ionic or more). Yellow color is OK for short term use, but avoid darker colored products, also avoid any higher than 20 ppm, since this is an unnecessary risk for blue skin. There are no other risks for colloidal silver use.

In fact, according to Health Canada (Canada’s health dept), if you ate all your fruits and vegetables, everyday, especially mushrooms, you’d probably get more silver in your body than from a daily dose or two of an ionic colloidal silver.

The best brands of colloidal silver typically have a ratio of 85% ionic silver.

To locate the best colloidal silver products, simply search for “85% ionic silver”

See Sources and related links “Google Search” below.

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