In Reiki there are three degree’s (practitioner, Okuden practitioner and Master)

This is the same in Seichem. The levels are more commonly referred to as 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

One can learn any tradition of Reiki and achieve the same results. The traditions are past down from Master to Student and so student learns from the Master their particular tradition.

My teacher (master) had learnt the tradition of Reiki Seichem and so I also practice this tradition.

We are told that the healing energy (Seichem) has four distinct forms.

1. Reiki – Earth.
This is the grounded healing energy and is the base for all other energy forms in Seichem. Reiki is connected to the Earth and therefore the human body and human existence.

2. Sakara – Fire.
This is an electrical energy that stimulates the nervous system.

3. Sophie-El – Water
This watery energy is soothing and cleansing.

4. Arch-Angelic – Air
The mind and sense of freedom.

When experiencing a healing session all energy forms will work together to try to re-balance any disturbance, disorder or disease.

A Master of Reiki Seichem has received all attunements in this tradition and so is equiped to teach the tradition to others.

Being attuned the the Seichem energy as well as Reiki does not make someone a better healer or stronger channel. This is a very silly assumption. A true healer is someone who has practiced this art patiently, honestly, lovingly and wisely.

Seichem is said to have originated from Ancient Egypt in the temples of Sekhmet (Lioness headed Goddess). In myth she a force of great strength and resilience. She is said to be ‘killer of diseases’ and connected with and felt in the warmth of the sun.

I hope this is helpful. In my own research I came to the conclusion that alot of this wisdom has been distorted, romanticized and price tagged.

Look within my friend.


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